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The Growth Mindset has become a popular topic throughout the education community. These 13 strategies are organized in a 5-step sequential guide to help you best implement and develop the Growth Mindset in your classroom.

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Ten Strategies to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers, but it is also one of the most demanding. Teachers must fill multiple roles, such as record keeping, serving on school committees and, of course, teaching. Burnout is a state of chronic stress. If you are feeling exhausted and distressed, you are not alone. According to the  Learning Policy Institute,   almost 8 percent of teachers leave each year, for reasons other than retirement. The key to dealing with teacher burnout is prevention. Here are some tips to help you avoid burnout: Set limits Teachers tend to be hard working achievers. You m more…

Why Saying

Every good teacher knows this story, you’ve been working at your school for the past couple of years and last year was your first year to get involved in an “extra-curricular” activity.  It might have been a club, sport, or even a committee within your school.    You had a great time and are planning to continue next year, but then a member of the administration approaches you.   “Hey Jen, you did a really great job with the Girls Soccer team last year.  The girls loved you and the parents couldn’t stop talking about what a great experience it was.  We’ve got an opening on the track coachi more…

Why Multi-Tasking is your Worst Enemy

For years it was common to hear teachers say “I’m a great multi-tasker” or “multi-tasking is one of my gifts”.  From a professional development standpoint,  current research suggests that being a multi-tasker isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.      In fact, multi-tasking has been proven to lead to lower levels of creativity, higher levels of stress, and a higher reduction in cognition than people experience from marijuana.   Here’s why multi-tasking isn’t the Holy Grail When people are multi-tasking, their brain is jumping back and fourth from one subject to another.  The human brain more…

Teachers: How Batching can 10x your Productivity

A typical day… The last student files out of your classroom and you start to get excited thinking about all of the work you are going to get done during your plan period.   As you sit down at your desk, here is just a short list of events that derail your productivity on an average day: Reading & responding to email Checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. A friendly visit from a colleague that turns into a 30-minute discussion Remembering and trying to complete some personal errands/tasks   Sound familiar?   Human psychology allows us to get easily distracted and pulle more…

Standards-Based or Traditional Grading - Why not Both?

There are many reasons to support both Standards-Based & Traditional grading.   For teachers trying to jump into Standards-Based Grading (SBG) and don't know how, a hybrid option might seem like an easier transition from a traditional grading system.  Other teachers may want to fully switch to SBG but because of their school’s requirements or even pressure from parents, they still need to adhere to giving out standard letter grades.   No matter what you do, the focus should be on the grade reflecting student learning and comprehension.   Here’s a grading system that helps those of you more…

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