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Graduate Level Professional Development Courses for Teachers

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With the increasing diversity in classrooms today, teachers must know how to differentiate their lessons to meet the needs of their students. This is a difficult task for all teachers, the goal of this course is to give teachers the tools to begin introducing differentiation techniques into the classroom.


3 Graduate Credits

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Integrating Standards Effectively

Learn the skills required to integrate Standards Effectively into your everyday classroom. All course materials completed and submitted online.


3 Graduate Credits

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Teaching the Growth Mindset

In the modern-day classroom, there is an increasing desire to "label" students as advanced, average or remedial. This is known as the "Fixed Mindset". The Growth Mindset is a belief that effort is a means to success. With the Growth Mindset, any student can become smarter or better at a subject as long as they work at it.


3 Graduate Credits

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Love & Logic

Using Love & Logic to Develop Responsibility. Teachers will be able to apply principles of Love and Logic to help students become more responsible and take ownership of their actions. This is an online course. Upon registration, your course materials will be emailed to you.


3 Graduate Credits

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Interactive Learning Experiences

Teachers will be able to apply strategies to make students interact with the content and with one another more during lessons to enhance understanding and comprehension on the content. This is an online course. Upon registration, your course materials will be emailed to you.


3 Graduate Credits

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Brain Research to Improve Learning

Learn the best practices for integrating Brain Research and how it can help Improve Learning in your classroom. This is an online course. Upon registration, your course materials will be emailed to you.


3 Graduate Credits

What are you looking for in a Professional Development?

Choose your #1 Priority Below:

Time/Location Flexibility

Complete our online Professional Development courses for K12 Teachers on your own schedule from anywhere you want. Want to finish a course while nestled in your favorite coffee shop – you can do that.

Credits for Salary Advancement

Nationally accepted, our online graduate courses can be used towards salary advancement or renewing your teacher’s license.

Proven Strategies

Our continuing education courses give you innovative teaching strategies that you can immediately implement into your daily lesson plans.

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Salary Advancement for Teachers

Here’s why teachers across the country are taking our courses for Salary Advancement:

  • Graduate Level (500+) Courses
  • Transcripts provided through our Nationally Accredited University Partners
  • Real Classroom Application. Courses focus on application, not theory, helping you implement meaningful new strategies into your classroom.
  • Your time, your schedule. Life as a teacher can be crazy, that’s why we give our teachers up to 6 months to complete a course.
  • Self-paced. Based on your schedule, you can set the rhythm for what fits best into your busy life.
  • 100% online. You can complete a course from your home, classroom, or favorite coffee shop.

Our University Partners

We’ve done the work to select Nationally Accredited University Partners.  Through these partners, students receive Graduate-Level credit that can be used across the country for their District’s Salary Advancement program or License Renewal with their respective State Department of Education.

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Our Teacher Advancement Courses are Approved Nationwide

All courses are approved through our nationally accredited university partners.  Students from California to New York and everywhere in between take these courses for Salary Advancement or License Renewal with their local state Department of Education.

Want to Learn more about which courses are approved for your state? 

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Teacher License Renewal and Recertification

Looking to Renew your Teaching License?

Many State Departments of Education accept our courses for license renewal.  Every state has its specific requirements but we’ve done the work to help simplify the process.  See your state’s specific requirements so you can find out if a Credits for Teachers course will work for you!

Self-paced / 6 months to complete

Life as a teacher can be busy and often overwhelming.  That’s why we created courses that flex around your schedule.  You can take up to 6 months to complete a course or complete one in as little as a month….the important thing is that you set the pace!

Teacher Testimonials

These courses are so easy to fit into my schedule. As a mother of 1 with another kid on the way, I can’t imagine being able to get my credits done any other way than through Credits for Teachers. I’m going to keep taking courses with you until I have all the credits I need to maximize my salary advancement.

- Sophia

The text excerpt was to the point but full of great information. The assignments were not busy work and were very useful in my classroom.

- Jared

I loved the open-endedness of this class. This taught me a valuable teaching technique but allowed me the flexibility to use it in a manner that fit my students and my situation. I wasn’t taking a class to “jump through hoops”….this class actually benefited my students. Five Stars!

- Kathryn