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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Graduate-Level courses for salary advancement and professional development. Each school district varies on what credits they accept for salary advancement. Students are encouraged to confirm with their school district whether or not these courses will count towards salary advancement. Students who take our courses receive Graduate Credit from our University Partners.

Our courses are worth 3 Semester Credits (45 hours).

Classes are on a rolling basis and therefore can be taken and turned in at any time. Once submitted it takes about 4 weeks for assignments to be graded and grades to be added to the student’s transcript.

Upon registration, students have 6 months to complete and turn in their assignments.

Some University Partners do require a separate registration fee on their website. Please refer to the course you are interested in for specific information on what fees are included in your course. All course materials are included in the course registration fee when going through all university partners except Colorado State University Pueblo.  When going through CSU Pueblo, students are required to purchase 1-2 books per course.

Students register for all of our courses online. Simply select the course that you are interested in, sign-in to your account or create a new account, and complete the check-out process. Once you have signed up for a course, the materials will be sent to you within 48 hours. Once you have registered for a course, you have 6 months to complete the course assignments and submit them.

Students who take our courses are required to show proof of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from an Institution of Higher Education.

Each State Association and district vary in their professional development systems as well as what they offer for salary advancement. We strongly encourage that you receive prior approval that our courses will be accepted by your State or District. Students receive Graduate-Level credit from our University Partners, which are accredited institutions of Higher Education. 

Each university partner has a different process for ordering transcripts. Please use the link below to visit that specific university partner’s page for more information on obtaining your transcripts.

This depends on the state as well as the school district in which you teach. Generally, professional development courses must be approved by an Accredited Institution of Higher Education in order for teachers to receive credit for completing the courses.

Professional development for educators can take many forms. Often, professional development for educators is offered as classes directly at a university or as courses either in person or online through a program associated with a university. Educators can also find professional development offered through their school district. These classes can be offered throughout the year by the school district or in-building meetings that have been approved by the district as professional development.

YES! Many professional development courses are offered online for teachers. In order to receive graduate-level credit for these courses, educators should check which universities the courses are partnered with. Then, they should contact their school district office to make sure their district accepts credits from those universities.

Maybe. This can vary depending on your program and your CPA. We recommend you reach out to your personal tax advisor for more information on tax deductions.

No, professional development online courses for teachers are not free. The price for online courses varies but can be up to $500 for a 3-credit course. All of the courses offered by Credits for Teachers are 3-credits & University approved.

Professional development activities for teachers vary from course to course and from program to program. Generally, educators are provided with new research supporting best teaching practices and strategies. This can take the form of a lecture, readings, videos, or a combination. Then, educators are expected to complete some assortment of assignments showing comprehension of the new strategies presented. This can be written assignments, discussion boards, or group activities with other teachers. Lastly, educators are expected to implement the new strategies in some way or plan out how they would implement them. Implementation can take the form of practicing those strategies in the classroom with students or performing them in groups with other teachers before taking the strategies to the classroom.

Maybe. Some online courses are NOT accredited so it’s very important to verify. All Credits for Teachers courses are approved through our Accredited University Partners.
Online professional development for educators is a set of courses offered online that provide educators with the latest and best teaching practices. This online format allows these courses to be self-paced and fit into the busy life of a teacher. These courses often consist of readings, videos, written assignments, discussion boards, and some sort of a final project.