Does earning credit for salary advancement seem like more of a headache than it’s worth?

We’ve been there and understand your frustrations…

We know that Salary Advancement for K12 Teachers is an important and overlooked piece of the Professional Development puzzle. Researching worthwhile options can be difficult and time consuming. Even still, many Continuing Ed. credits can often be less valuable because they don’t transfer from district to district. Our University approved courses grant you transferable credits that are accepted across the United States.

Salary Advancement Credits

Achieving Salary Advancement on your schedule…

The idea of Salary Advancement sounds nice…but where will you find the time? With your busy schedule as a teacher, taking professional development courses just seems impossible.
Fortunately, our PD courses can be completed from anywhere and at anytime. Whether on a road trip, nestled in your favorite coffee shop, or simply lounging in the backyard while watching your kids, our self-paced courses are designed to fit your schedule. You can focus on one course per semester or complete several; the choice is yours.

Professional Development Courses for Teachers

When I first heard about Credits for Teachers, I was skeptical about the courses and if the credits would actually work for my district.


What I found is that the credits are University approved so they work at almost any district.  These courses are so easy to fit into my schedule & they actually give you applicable strategies.  As a wife and a mother, I can’t image being able to get my Professional Development done any other way than through Credits for Teachers."
- Tiffany

As a new teacher, I didn’t really understand how salary advancement worked in most districts.

After taking a few courses, I got a salary increase in my first year and I used that money to pay for all of my additional courses. Doing my CE credits through Credits for Teachers was a no-brainer.”
- Jeff
Investing in your professional development is one of the most important and overlooked areas for K12 teachers. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to learn better teaching strategies, achieve your next salary advancement or renew your teaching license while still maintaining a work-life balance.

Still on the Fence?  100% No-Hassle Refund 

We know it can be risky trying something new and at the end of the day we want you to succeed.  That’s why we give students a 100% refund if they register for a course and within 30 days decide it just isn’t right for them.  


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Why do Teachers prefer our online Professional Development courses?

Time/Location Flexibility

Complete our online Professional Development courses for K12 Teachers on your own schedule from anywhere you want. Want to finish a course while nestled in your favorite coffee shop – you can do that.

Proven Strategies

Our continuing education courses give you innovative teaching strategies that you can immediately implement into your daily lesson plans.


Our online graduate courses for K12 teachers are university accredited & approved.