Love & Logic: Activities, Strategies and Professional Development Resources for K12 Teachers

Additional Love & Logic Resources:

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How to Raise successful kids - without parenting

A great TED Talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims on how overparenting can hurt child development and the importance of love (

teaching problem solving skills

Several principles and models for teaching kids how to develop their own problem solving skills (

5 strategies to teach social responsibility

Jinnie Spiegler outlines 5 strategies teachers can use to develop social responsibility in their classrooms (

activities that teach responsibility

Dolores Coat describes various activities to use in the K-2 classroom for teaching responsibility (

Teaching strategies to help kids solve problems

Janelle Cox discusses a variety of strategies teachers can use to help kids learn how to solve their own problems (

5 Guidelines for giving kids choices

Erin Leyba talks about the importance of giving kids choices and the guidelines to keep in mind while doing so (