Vocabulary Activities, Strategies and Professional Development Resources for K12 Teachers

Additional Vocabulary Resources:

If you know of a great resource that you don’t see listed, please feel free to let us know so we can add that resource to our collection.  


Strategy Library

A collection of vocabulary strategies as well as suggestions on when they should be implemented; pre, during, or post-reading (Reading Rockets).

5 vocabulary strategies

Janelle Cox created 5 Strategies that can be used in the elementary classroom to help with vocabulary instruction (TeachHub).

Using the concept sort

Cathy Allen discusses how to use the Concept Sort strategy to improve vocabulary understanding.  A particularly good strategy for specific content areas (ReadWriteThink).


A great site for in-class instruction or use outside of the class.  Teachers can create individualized vocabulary lists and allow students to learn the words at their own pace.


Honored as a Top 100 Educational site of 2017. Teachers can use the free option or create a premium membership if they want more features. 

ESL Game World

A great resources for teachers working with ESL populations. Online, print & for-purchase resources.

teachersfirst Resources

A collection of vocabulary strategies and activities for various K-12 age groups and content areas (TeachersFirst).

OK2ASk resources

Vocabulary activities & strategies based on the Marzano Method.  Includes vocabulary lists & games (OK2Ask).  [Once redirected, click on resources tab]