Backwards Planning: Activities, Strategies and Professional Development Resources for K12 Teachers

Additional Backwards Planning Resources:

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Standards: pros & cons

An interesting article on the differences between state vs. national standards and what the pros & cons are for teachers and studdents (


how to engage parents as educational partners

Nancy Sindelar wrote a great article about how teachers can use standards to help parents become educational partners for their children (

Using swbat

A video on using the SWBAT strategy in the classroom to inform students of learning objectives (

know where your students are going

A great excerpt from Robyn Jackson's book Never Work Harder than your Students & Other Principles of Great Teaching (

7 ways common core will change your class

Jacqui Murray writes about 7 ways teachers should expect their classrooms to be different using Common Core Standards (

teaching students to understand standards

Starr Sackstein writes about how standards need to mean something personal to students in order to be effective (