Academic Expectations Activities, Strategies and Professional Development Resources for K12 Teachers

Additional Academic Expectations Resources:

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10 strategies

A guide created by the Southern Regional Education Board to help teachers establish high academic expecations in the classroom (

communicating high expecations

Ben Solomon discusses the importance of communicating high expectations to students and some best practices teachers can utilize (

The Pygmalion effect in the classroom

ClassTeaching wrote an interesting article on the Pygmalion Effect within the classroom and how it affects student expectations.

the value of consistent classroom expectations

Eric Hathaway put together a nice discussion on the importance of consistency when developing academic expectations (

expecations: student-teacher relationship

Lori Carr wrote an article with 4 strategies to improve the student-teacher relationship while still setting high academic expecations (

the power of High expectations

How developing High Expectations can aid teachers in closing the acheivement gap (