Safe Learning Environment: Activities, Strategies and Professional Development Resources for K12 Teachers

Additional Learning Environment Resources:

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20 Tips for a Safe Learning Environment

Rebecca Alber discusses 20 tips that teachers can use to create a safe learning environment in their classrooms (

the happy secret to better work

Shawn Anchor's great TEDx Talk about happiness and its relationship with productivity & success (

7 Factors in Learning

Puja Mondal writes about 7 important factors that affect the learning process and how educators should approach them to improve learning (

Nueroscience behind stress & learning

Judy Willis discusses how brains learn differently based on stress levels and how this can impact learning (

physical environment of classrooms

Mark Phillips gives teachers a quick course on how to arrange your classroom to promote learning (

32 strategies

Linda Rafaelli gives 32 strategies teachers can use to build a positive learning enrivonment (