Growth Mindset Activities, Strategies and Professional Development Resources for K12 Teachers

Additional Growth Mindset Resources:

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Growth Mindset Lesson Plan

Includes videos, activities and discussions that teachers can use to help introduce the Growth Mindset to their classroom.  (Khan Academy)

This is a full website created by Stanford University’s PERTS devoted towards helping teachers, parents & other mentors understand and teach the Growth Mindset.  Includes activities, lessons & other resources.

False Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck discusses what it means to have a “False Growth Mindset”, how to recognize it and how to overcome it to develop a true Growth Mindset.  (Edutopia)

Why you Need to Fail to Succeed

A TED Talk from Derek Silvers. (TED Talks)

The Power of Yet

A fun clip from Sesame Street on the Power of Yet.

“Growing your Mind”

A video that discusses the idea of “Growing your Mind”. (Khan Academy)

Embracing Failure

An article about teaching your students to accept and embrace failure while building a Growth Mindset. (Edutopia)

Even Geniuses Work Hard

An article by Carol Dweck about creating a culture that fosters the Growth Mindset (

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

An article by Carol Dweck that discusses the value of giving feedback and how to give effective praise.  (Scientific American, 2015)

Growth Mindset, Clearing up some common confusion

An article by Eduardo Briceno about some of the common misconceptions & confusions regarding the Growth Mindset. ( 

2-Week Growth Mindset Lesson Example

A 2-week lesson plan with hyperlinked videos, readings & activities.  Created by a CFT Grad.