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Effective Discipline in the Classroom

Effective Discipline in the Classroom

Course Description

This course offers an effective and positive approach to disciplining students called “Discipline with Dignity”.  Through “Discipline with Dignity”, the focus is to teach students responsibility rather than requiring them to be obedient.  The goal of this approach is to try to prevent disciplinary issues and then offer appropriate interventions when necessary.  With a variety of strategies, educators will be able to discipline their students in ways that result in positive behavior changes, which will then put the focus back on learning.

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Course Numbers

  • Adams State: ED 589
  • UMass Global: EDCU 9993
  • CSU Pueblo: ED 501


Course Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Students will learn the approach to disciplining their own students called “Discipline with Dignity”, which involves a variety of prevention and intervention strategies.
  • Students will understand the importance of teaching responsibility to their own students as a way to achieve positive student behavior in the classroom.
  • Students will be able to apply different strategies of “Discipline with Dignity” to develop student responsibility and to have a positive environment for student learning.
  • Students will develop skills to reflect on & improve their own teaching practices.


Relevancy to Practice:  This course provides educators with the following relevant information to help improve their practice:

  • Utilizing prevention and intervention strategies from the “Discipline with Dignity” approach to prevent disciplinary issues in the classroom.
  • Creating appropriate and effective interventions for disciplinary issues when they arise in and out of the classroom.
  • Teaching students to take responsibility for their behavior rather than demanding obedience to encourage positive behavior in the classroom.
  • Examining the positives, negatives, and examples of rewards, punishments and consequences.
  • Using consequences when necessary to get desired results and empowering students to make the right choice and take responsibility for their actions.
  • Developing logical consequences and effective consequence implementation.
  • Evaluating your current classroom discipline practices and making changes to match best practices.

Course Format 

This is an online course. Please use course materials emailed to you upon your original registration.

Effective Discipline Syllabus

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