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Setting High Academic Expectations

Setting High Academic Expectations

Course Description

This course provides a set of strategies to help educators promote and ensure high academic expectations for their students.  With these easy to use strategies, educators get to set high expectations for all their students without demanding more than what they can handle.  Students quickly learn that they will be held accountable for their learning and for doing excellent work that meets the appropriate standards.

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Course Numbers

  • Adams State: ED 589
  • UMass Global: EDDU 9617


Course Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Students will learn and implement a variety of strategies to set high and reasonable academic expectations for their own students.
  • Students will be able to consistently apply different techniques to increase academic expectations of their own students in the classroom.
  • Students will be able to set and hold similar expectations for all of their students.
  • Students will develop skills to reflect on & improve their own teaching practices.


Relevancy to Practice: This course provides educators with the following relevant information to help improve their practice:

  • Strategies to set high, yet reasonable, academic expectations for all students.
  • Holding students accountable for their own learning by supporting them through answering questions and not letting them get away with not answering.
  • Providing valuable feedback to student to ensure answers are completely and not partially correct.
  • Growing students’ understanding of a topic by answering questions with harder, higher level questions.
  • Improving students’ verbal and written communication by ensuring the format, such as grammar and voice, are correct.
  • Embracing and encouraging all parts of your curriculum with students, including hard work and challenge.
  • Setting high-level, realistic and relevant expectations for all learners.
  • Overcoming challenges when trying to implement high and reasonable academic standards.

Course Format 

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Setting High Academic Expectations Syllabus

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