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Classroom Structures

Improving Motivation and Behavior through Classroom Structures

Course Description

This course provides strategies for structuring one’s lessons and classroom in order to increase student motivation and engagement and prevent behavioral issues in the classroom.  With a wide variety of strategies that work for a multitude of teaching styles, educators can feel confident in creating high quality lessons and classroom structures to be used regularly in any lesson.  As a result, students become more motivated and engaged in the classroom and student behavioral problems are reduced.

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Course Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Students will learn a wide variety of strategies to develop high quality lessons and classroom structures.
  • Students will be able to create effective, high quality lessons and classroom structures and routines to help improve their own students’ motivation, engagement, and behavior.
  • Students will develop skills to reflect on & improve their own teaching practices.


Relevancy to Practice: This course provides educators with the following relevant information to help improve their practice:

  • Designing effective, motivating, and engaging lessons.
  • Developing and implementing effective classroom structures and routines, in order to improve students’ motivation and behavior in the classroom.
  • Acquiring techniques to actively engage students in their learning.
  • Making homework a manageable routine that is relevant to students.
  • Putting systems in place for student group work in a way that really works for you and your students.
  • Fostering student creativity within your lessons to increase their motivation and improve their behavior.
  • Improving grading and evaluation practices in order to prevent demoralizing students and instead to inspire them to grow and do better.
  • Overcoming obstacles of when trying to motivate students and manage behavior.


Course Assignments

  1. Personal Reflection
  2. Reading Reflection
  3. Final Reflection on Classroom Structures

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