Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices: 6 Strategies for Educators

Asian and african students

Educators in the 21st century are more focused on implementing culturally responsive practices and strategies in the classroom than ever before. These practices emphasize diversity, inclusiveness, and empathy and are also tied to desired learning outcomes and academic achievement. Every student feels valued and seen in a culturally responsive learning environment, leading to higher engagement […]

How Culture Affects Learning – And Not Just for Students

Smiling students lying on the ground

It is impossible to escape the connections between culture and learning, which seem to be a key area of focus for educators and a hot topic in education right now. While there have been some controversial and volatile stories around education and culture, the fact of the matter is that in order to best serve […]

10 Growth Mindset Examples to Develop Success in School

Growth potential

Educators who help students develop growth mindsets can change the trajectory of a student’s academic and personal success. This is an incredibly important undertaking for any teacher, helping young people understand their potential and shed the doubts and anxiety that may be holding them back. Carol Dweck, Ph.D., developed the theory of a growth mindset […]

7 Mindfulness Questions to Encourage Mindfulness in the Classroom

Boy daydreaming in class

The benefits of practicing mindfulness in the classroom are far-reaching for teachers and students. Focusing on mindfulness can yield a more productive and engaged classroom and help individual students overcome some anxiety they may feel in school or with their peers. Mindfulness is successful when applied consistently, day in and day out. Think of it […]

9 Quick Relationship Building Activities and Games for Teachers

Teacher and students

Relationship building is one of the most important tasks for any teacher, though it can sometimes feel difficult to prioritize. Students who feel connected to their peers and teachers will have greater success in the classroom, become more engaged and willing to participate, and have better communication skills. Students who develop strong bonds with their […]

5 Easy Ways to Build Positive Relationships With Your Students

Teacher with students

Student relationships are one of the most important building blocks to success in the classroom. No matter how well crafted your lesson plan, how creative your methods of instruction are, or how organized your classroom schedule is, without positive relationships, those other efforts will never allow you to tap into the full potential of the […]

Top 4 Best Classroom Management Styles You Need to Know

Female teacher holding digital tablet teaching line of high school students

Whether you are entering the classroom as a first-year teacher or have been at it for a decade, your classroom management style is one of the most important elements of your role as an educator. Classroom management style can mean the difference between teachers whose impacts are felt by the students for years to come […]

How to Create Highly Effective Student Connections

Student going to school

Meaningful connections with your students will lead to classrooms filled with collaboration, engagement, and success stories. Most educators know this, but the “how” of making it happen can be a challenge. Teachers are often so bogged down in administrative tasks, lesson planning, staff meetings, and other activities they struggle to find the time or energy […]

Help Students Get Into Learning Mode: 7 Strategies to Improve Participation

Engaging classroom

Teachers can sometimes feel as if their words fall on deaf ears, and lesson planning is an absolute waste of time. An uninterested class that fails to participate and engage can crush the spirit of any educator, not to mention result in students with failing grades and administrators with serious concerns. Cultivating an engaged classroom […]

10 Characteristics of a Highly Engaged Classroom

Students in classroom

Engagement may seem like a buzzword among educators or an overused missive from administrators; however, its importance in classroom structures cannot be overstated. Getting students engaged is the key to every other measure of success. Without a highly engaged classroom, teachers will face poor test scores, disciplinary issues, absenteeism, and many other problems. Whether you […]