How to Incorporate Movement in the Classroom

Young kids standing forming a circle inside a classroom

Kids need to be active, and that’s a fact. It can be very frustrating for students of all ages to sit in a desk all day, class after class. Without the opportunity to move, students become fidgety and struggle to pay attention to the lesson being given. Research as shown that due to the stimulated […]

6 Tips for Helping Students Develop a Growth Mindset

Teacher does high five with a young girl student

Education is full of buzzwords, and one popular trend these days is developing a growth mindset. In her book¬†Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Stanford professor Carol Dweck explains her research surrounding growth mindsets and fixed mindsets. A person who has a growth mindset believes that skills and intelligence can be developed, while someone with […]

4 Ways To Incorporate 21st Century Skills in the Classroom

Three young students solves math problem on white board with their teacher

The world is changing so fast that relying on traditional approaches in education is swiftly fading out to give way for newer and more relevant ways of preparing students for modern society. One way that teachers are achieving this is by applying 21st-century skills in their lessons. These skills are often refered to as the […]

The Importance of “Brain Breaks”

Sitting students inside a classroom raising both their hands

When was the last time you were a student? Do you recall how exhausting it was? Being a student is so much more than just sitting there in a desk and passively taking in knowledge. As teachers, we must remember that our students sit through seven hours of learning of numerous and varied subjects every […]


Female teacher in front of the classroom teaching young students while wearing face masks

Though the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, many teachers will be heading back to the classroom this fall. Educators already have so much to worry about when it comes to the start of school; add keeping yourself and your students safe from COVID-19, and the stress can really skyrocket. The best thing we can do […]


Young girl points at an Earth model on the table during online classes

In recent weeks, K-12 teachers have had to contend with the fact that they might teach their students remotely for the foreseeable future. Much of the discussion about remote teaching has centered on ensuring that the desired learning outcomes are attained. Here’s how you can make remote learning work for you and your students, while […]


Teacher does high five with a young boy inside the classroom

As a professional in the field of public education, you have made it your life’s mission to teach others and encourage the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. However, your dedication and passion can be challenged if students are not motivated to participate in learning opportunities. Here are top strategies for instilling a love of learning in […]

Give Your Grades More Meaning with Standards-Based Grading

Man showing a paper to a young boy

Traditional grading requires teachers to assign a letter grade to a specified subject. An “A” in Mathematics, for example, often means that the student is doing well and that he or she has mastered most of the concepts in the subject. But what about those few concepts the student has not mastered? How have those […]


Boy raising his hand inside a classroom with a teacher in front

Keeping students engaged in a lesson can seem difficult at times, because the truth is, every child learns in a different way. However, keeping students’ attention becomes less of a challenge when utilizing some basic tactics for maximizing student engagement. BE POSITIVE AND HAVE FUN! Perhaps the simplest way to ensure your students engage is […]

Effective Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners

Teacher points at illustrations posted on a chalk board

Nearly five million students in the United States today are classified as English Language Learners (ELLs), and as a teacher, it’s important to understand the educational needs of these students. Here are some effective strategies to support the ELLs in your class that will also benefit the rest of your students! USE CULTURALLY RELEVANT AND […]