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What Professional Development for Teachers is Needed?

What professional development for teachers is needed

SHARE ARTICLE: Professional development is an essential aspect of any career, and teaching is no exception. As K-12 teachers, professional development is critical to improving classroom instruction, student learning outcomes, and overall school performance. It is an ongoing process that involves expanding knowledge, enhancing skills, and developing new teaching strategies to meet the evolving needs […]

5 Ways to Make a Calm Down Corner Work

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Creating spaces for anxious and overly energetic students to calm down is more important than ever in the post-pandemic teaching world. Giving students a sense of normalcy in the classroom has been a huge undertaking for teachers after a period where students’ lives were disrupted, schedules were up-ended, and consistent routines were broken. Some schools […]

Making Learning Fun and Engaging – 8 Pro Tips

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Incorporating fun learning activities into your teaching methods excites the students. It not only inspires curiosity and motivates them, but it also makes school more interesting and engaging for the students. There are unlimited ways of making learning fun for students. Below are 8 pro tips to consider. 1. Provide Students With Opportunities to Interact […]

9 Strategies to Create a Positive Learning Environment in Your Classroom

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A positive learning environment is crucial for students to thrive. It encompasses the physical, social, and emotional aspects. Below are 9 strategies K-12 teachers can use to establish a safe and stimulating learning environment for students. 1. Create a Physical Environment Conducive to Learning It can be difficult for students to focus and engage if […]

10 Useful Digital Classroom Tools for Innovative Teachers & Students

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Technology has transformed almost every area of life, and the education sector has not been left behind. Numerous digital classroom tools can be used to facilitate learning. They range from learning management systems, assessment tools, virtual reality and augmented reality tools, social tools, and courses. Below are 10 useful digital classroom tools for innovative teachers […]

Motivational Strategies for Students – How to Promote Motivation

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More and more teachers have been noticing a decrease in motivation among students since the pandemic. Yet, a lack of motivation can adversely affect perfomance. Motivated students generally perform better at school. They are highly engaged, autonomous, and self-driven. Although some students are intrinsically motivated, you have to gently push most of your students in […]

Mindful Behavior in Students – Bringing Mindfulness into School

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When distractions seem to be ever-present in our lives, especially with so much of our day spent firmly connected to screens, it is more important than ever to incorporate mindfulness into our routines. This is true for every setting: from the boardroom to the classroom. It is easy to understand why people might be skeptical […]

Post Pandemic Teaching – How to Reboot Education

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While teaching during the pandemic presented incredible and unprecedented challenges for educators across the globe, those challenges did not simply disappear once schools returned to a somewhat “normal” state of in-person learning in a physical classroom. Teachers are now managing classrooms filled with students who fell behind academically during remote learning.  Students suffered from anxiety […]

How to Create The Perfect Classroom Management Plan

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Even the most engaging and inspiring teacher can fail to engage students without an effective classroom management plan. This kind of plan is critical no matter what the subject area or grade level. Whether you are a creative and boisterous art teacher, a soft-spoken yet firm literature teacher, or an energetic and laser-focused math instructor, […]

Why Mental Health Is Important for Students – A Foundation for Resiliency

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Mental health can make or break students in the classroom (and, for that matter, teachers too). The impact of stress on mental health can be seen in the form of failing grades, increased absences, testing anxiety, and inappropriate school behavior. These may be isolated events or a sign of more significant mental health problems, like […]