Teacher Testimonials 

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"The article was very helpful and I liked that I could incorporate my new learning into the classroom through direct practice. This made the course seem more authentic since I was applying my learning in the classroom."


"Yes, I would recommend these courses to a colleague. I really enjoyed the reading. It wasn't boring or dry and really enhanced my understanding of the Growth Mindset."


I loved the open-endedness of this class. This taught me a valuable teaching technique but allowed me the flexibility to use it in a manner that fit my students and my situation. I wasn’t taking a class to “jump through hoops”….this class actually benefited my students. Five Stars!"


"Yes, I would recommend these courses to a colleague. The best features were the strategies that I learned. I was able to apply those strategies immediately into my classroom."


"Yes I would recommend this course to my colleagues. It was easy to read the materials and I learned a lot about the Growth Mindset. I'm so glad I was able to sign-up for this course. I thought this class was great."


"The assignments included gave me tools to make me a better teacher in the classroom. I would definitely recommend this course to other teachers."


"Yes, I would recommend the Growth Mindset course. The reading material was awesome!"


"I liked the option to plan and implement the Growth Mindset strategies into my school schedule. I also enjoyed the feature of being able to complete this course at my own pace."


"Overall, I found the assigned reading very helpful. It reminded me of strategies that I don’t use as much and taught me some new ones. I appreciated that the course taught real strategies that were easy to implement."


"I liked the course reading as well as how the course was flexible to fit into my schedule."


"I loved the course’s assigned reading, not only as a teacher, but also as a parent."


"I liked how I was able to complete the work on my own schedule. It was very applicable to my current work."


"This class perfectly supplemented what I was doing in my classroom. I didn't create work for this course. I created work because I was learning good teaching strategies."


“I was able to do the coursework at my leisure.  The content was able to be implemented immediately into my classroom.  Loved it!”


“The content of the class was so valuable. I learned many ideas which I could immediately take back to my class and use with confidence.”


"I would recommend the Basics of Differentiation course. The video content and applicability of the course were great. I even shared the low-prep strategies with several of my colleagues."


"Yes, I would recommend this course to my colleagues. To me, the best features were the information presented in the readings and the ability to complete the course on my own schedule."


"I loved how manageable it was to take this course while still teaching full-time and raising a family. I also appreciate how applicable and valuable the information really was!"


"Yes, I would recommend the Brain Research course. I really liked the ability to work during my own time and at my own pace. The flexibility of the course was a great feature."


"I enjoyed the reading, it pertained to my class. It not only told me the importance of mindset, but gave me actual tips and tricks to take into my classroom."


"The text excerpt was to the point but full of great information. The assignments were not busy work and were very useful in my classroom."


"The best features about the course were that I could complete it at my own pace and it was applicable to my classroom"


“These courses are so easy to fit into my schedule. As a mother of 1 with another kid on the way, I can’t imagine being able to get my credits done any other way than through Credits for Teachers. I’m going to keep taking courses with you until I have all the credits I need to maximize my salary advancement.”


“I was able to max out all of my lane changes before I turned 30. Now I don’t have to think twice when people ask if I want to go out for drinks or dinner. Having this type of financial freedom as a teacher is what I’ve always wanted.”


“The pacing of the course was excellent. I really liked how I was able to translate these materials so easily into my classroom.”


“There’s no better way to complete a professional development course than sitting poolside, writing a reflection, while my kids are enjoying a day of swimming. Credits for Teachers allowed me to balance my work goals along with my family life.”


“The great thing about this system is I got a salary increase within three months and I used that money to pay for all of my additional courses. Doing my CE courses through Credits for Teachers was a no-brainer.”


“With the extra money I’ve earned, I paid off my student loans 5 years earlier than I planned. A big thanks to Credits for Teachers.”