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Mindful Behavior in Students – Bringing Mindfulness into School

Kindergarten teacher meditating with students

When distractions seem to be ever-present in our lives, especially with so much of our day spent firmly connected to screens, it is more important than ever to incorporate mindfulness into our routines. This is true for every setting: from the boardroom to the classroom. It is easy to understand why people might be skeptical […]

Post Pandemic Teaching – How to Reboot Education

Globe effected globally

While teaching during the pandemic presented incredible and unprecedented challenges for educators across the globe, those challenges did not simply disappear once schools returned to a somewhat “normal” state of in-person learning in a physical classroom. Teachers are now managing classrooms filled with students who fell behind academically during remote learning.  Students suffered from anxiety […]

How to Create The Perfect Classroom Management Plan

Unknown person writing plans

Even the most engaging and inspiring teacher can fail to engage students without an effective classroom management plan. This kind of plan is critical no matter what the subject area or grade level. Whether you are a creative and boisterous art teacher, a soft-spoken yet firm literature teacher, or an energetic and laser-focused math instructor, […]

Why Mental Health Is Important for Students – A Foundation for Resiliency

Mental health on wooden blocks

Mental health can make or break students in the classroom (and, for that matter, teachers too). The impact of stress on mental health can be seen in the form of failing grades, increased absences, testing anxiety, and inappropriate school behavior. These may be isolated events or a sign of more significant mental health problems, like […]