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5 Ways to Cultivate a Love of Learning

Boy studying online using laptop

Rather than thinking of students as either predisposed to genuinely love learning (or simply inclined to loathe it), a shift to a growth mindset tells us that we can influence the love of lifelong learning through common practices and healthy habits. Teachers—as well as parents, coaches, and other adult role models—can help students cultivate a […]

5 Mindset Strategies & The Power of Shifting Your Mindset

Growth mindset concept

Nothing prevents us from reaching our full potential, whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in the boardroom, than staying set in our ways and unwilling to consider how we might change our own mindsets. Mindset makes all the difference in whether we fail or succeed, but it also does not guarantee success. […]

8 Methods for Effective Teaching for Every Classroom

Teacher in class during qa session

The most effective teachers understand the importance of implementing various strategies in the classroom, ensuring students stay engaged and motivated to participate. However, it can also be easy for teachers to fall into a rut, going back to the same lessons over and over. Perhaps it is the most comfortable approach they return to or […]

How to Become an Effective Learner

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While learning habits and styles start to form at a very young age and can be influenced by engaging teachers (or stifled by less-than-enthusiastic ones), we can also make a conscientious effort to retrain ourselves in ways to become more effective learners long after our formal education ends. Learning is, after all, a lifelong process […]