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Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices: 6 Strategies for Educators

Asian and african students

Educators in the 21st century are more focused on implementing culturally responsive practices and strategies in the classroom than ever before. These practices emphasize diversity, inclusiveness, and empathy and are also tied to desired learning outcomes and academic achievement. Every student feels valued and seen in a culturally responsive learning environment, leading to higher engagement […]

How Culture Affects Learning – And Not Just for Students

Smiling students lying on the ground

It is impossible to escape the connections between culture and learning, which seem to be a key area of focus for educators and a hot topic in education right now. While there have been some controversial and volatile stories around education and culture, the fact of the matter is that in order to best serve […]

7 Strategies for Managing Challenging Classroom Behaviors

Upset asian girl in classroom

No matter how talented, engaging, or beloved teachers may be, they will always encounter challenging classroom behaviors. This is a reality of working in education, and it is a consistent challenge for educators across all grade levels and across all contents. Time spent managing behavioral issues distracts everyone: the teacher, the students in question, and […]

How to Establish Active Learning in the Classroom

Students raising hands in classroom

One of a teacher’s most significant challenges is keeping students engaged, whether wrangling kindergarteners in from recess and trying to focus their energy on an art project or holding the attention of high school seniors in the spring when daydreams of the newfound freedom of life after high school occupy their minds. The best way […]