Brain Research Activities, Strategies and Professional Development Resources for K12 Teachers

Additional Brain Research Resources:

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How Stress affects Learning

Judy Willis discusses the role stress can play on students and their ability to learn & retain information in the classroom (Edutopia).

7 Video series on Brain research & learning

Amy Erin Borovoy pulled together a 7 video series that touches a variety of topics in modern Brain Research & how they affect education (@videoamy)

9 Things to KNow

In this article, Louis Cozolino discusses 9 things that all educators should know about the brain to make them better teachers (GreaterGood)

Common myths

In this video, Janet Zadina talks about some of the most common myths regarding the brain and learning & how science is disprooving them (

Mind matters

Pat Wolfe has created a website devoted towards new brain research and its implications on the classroom.  Resources include articles, latest news, & books recommendations (

K-5 Brain games

A series of games designed to improve learning for K-5 students (


Richard E. Cytowic illustrates that humans actually use more than 10% of the brain and explains why humans aren't good at multi-tasking (TED-Ed).

Additional Brain research resources

A collection of resources for the Brain Research enthusiast. (